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Fishing Planet X-Series List


X-Series SuperHero™ Angling Jacket X-Series SuperHero™ Angling JacketWinter Pike Tour(January)
X-Series Javelin™ 700 X-Series Javelin™ 700Crappie Valentine Сup(February)
X-Series FireArrow™ 300 X-Series FireArrow™ 300Spring Cats Tour(March)
X-Series Missile™ 220 X-Series Missile™ 220Largemouth Bass April Cup(April)
X-Series Rocket™ 270 X-Series Rocket™ 270Char Charger's Open(May)
X-Series LanceCaster™ 6500 X-Series LanceCaster™ 6500Virtual Bass Open(June)
X-Series StrongShell™ Rod Case X-Series StrongShell™ Rod CaseIndependence Trout Open(Juli)
X-Series StarBox™ Lure Box X-Series StarBox™ Lure BoxFishing Planet Anniversary Cup(August)
X-Series PowerBolt™ 5500 X-Series PowerBolt™ 5500Mighty Carp Tour(September)
X-Series Enslaver™ XL X-Series Enslaver™ XL Gars&Glory Cup(October)
X-Series Laurel™ Sportfishing Cap X-Series Laurel™ Sportfishing CapGrand Smallie's Cup(November)
X-Series FishTanker™ XXL X-Series FishTanker™ XXLChristmas Giant's Tour(December)


PictureNameCompetitions for Place 1 till 3
X-Series Medium Spoon X-Series Medium Spoon 56g, #6/0Fly like a Butterfly Swim like a Bass
X-Series Single Spoon X-Series Single Spoon 42g, #4/0Best Five Bass
X-Series Casting Spoon X-Series Casting Spoon 21g, #3/0Big Bowfin Hunting
Emerald Predator Hunt
X-Series Barbless Nano Spoon X-Series Barbless Nano Spoon 6g, #1/0Breaking Shad
X-Series Barbless Spinner X-Series Barbless Spinner 14g, #3/0Triple the Trout!!
X-Series Spinnerbait X-Series Spinnerbait 28g, #4/0Bass Challenge
Catfish Trial
X-Series Spinnerbait X-Series Spinnerbait 21g, #3/0Lucky Spot
X-Series Spinnerbait X-Series Spinnerbait 14g, #2/0School Bass
X-Series Barbless Nano Spinner X-Series Barbless Nano Spinner 6g, #1/0Old Buck's Competition
X-Series Barbless Medium Spoon X-Series Barbless Medium Spoon 14g, #3/0One by One
X-Series Barbless Narrow Spoon X-Series Barbless Narrow Spoon 7g, #1/0Yellow Perch Goldrush
Trout Hunter
X-Series Bullet Spinner X-Series Bullet Spinner 36g, #4/0The Size Matters
Salmon Clash
X-Series Spinner X-Series Spinner 14g, #3/0Top Notch Walleye
X-Series Nano Spinner X-Series Nano Spinner 6g, #1/0Neherrin Minimal
X-Series Crankbait X-Series Crankbait 2.5m, #6/0C'mon, Carp!
The Battle of Kaniq
X-Series Crankbait X-Series Crankbait 3.5m, #4/0San Joaquin Extravaganza
X-Series Crankbait X-Series Crankbait 5m, #6/0Cheesy Cat
Big Red Fish

Achievement #1

X-Series Mono X-Series Mono 0.5 mmPike Master
Crappie Master
Perch Master
Reel Breaker
X-Series Fluoro X-Series Fluoro 0.6 mmBass Master
Carp Master
Rod Breaker
X-Series Braid X-Series Braid 0.28 mmSalmon Master
Catfish Master
Line Breaker
X-Series Hook X-Series Hook #4/0Panfish Overlord
Walleye Chief
X-Series Barbless Hook X-Series Barbless Hook #4/0Trout Master
X-Series Float X-Series FloatCash Bag
X-Series Pear Shaped Float X-Series Pear Shaped FloatLucky Bobber
X-Series Sport X-Series SportTrophy Gainer

Achievement #2

X-Series JigHead X-Series JigHead 14g, #4/0Maniac
Everglades Paladin
X-Series JigHead X-Series JigHead 25g, #4/0Almost There!
Saint-Croix Challenger
X-Series JigHead X-Series JigHead 42g, #4/0Unique Gainer
San Joaquin Conqueror
X-Series Barbless JigHead X-Series Barbless JigHead 14g, #4/0Prizetaker
X-Series Barbless JigHead X-Series Barbless JigHead 25g, #4/0Qualified Winner
X-Series Barbless JigHead X-Series Barbless JigHead 42g, #4/0Winning Streak
White Moose Chief
X-Series Worm X-Series Worm 15cmMudwater Champ
X-Series Grub X-Series Grub 7cmEmerald Winner
X-Series Shad X-Series Shad 10cmRocky Hero
X-Series Newts X-Series Newts 10cmNeherrin Victor
X-Series Crayfish X-Series Crayfish 10cmFalcon Master
X-Series Nymphes X-Series Nymphes 10cmMoneymaker
X-Series Bass Jig X-Series Bass Jig 14g, #4/0Goldgetter
X-Series Bass Jig X-Series Bass Jig 21g, #3/0Highroller
X-Series Bass Jig X-Series Bass Jig 28g, #4/0Angling Machine
X-Series Bass Jig X-Series Bass Jig 42g, #4/0Monster Catcher
X-Series Bass Jig X-Series Bass Jig 56g, #6/0Trophy Collector