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Texas - Lone Star Lake

This tranquil and remote little lake is a true fisherman’s gem located in the heart of Paris county of northeastern Texas. Situated in the small green plain between the two long and forking branches of the Sulphur River that meanders across the state, Lone Star Lake is your own private spot for recreational activities, and fishing is top of the list! That’s because despite the lake’s size, its relatively shallow waters are inhabited by nearly a dozen of different fish species like Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Smallmouth Buffalo and Spotted Bass just to name a few… And with texan spring in the air, it is just the perfect time to spend the days out fishing in fulfilling solitude among the luscious green of late spring trees. No doubt, Lone Star Lake will be your own private paradise for sharpening those angling skills in a naturally relaxing atmosphere of idyllic beauty and harmony. Just feel the wind from the cornfields so gentle and warm against your skin, caressing the senses with a reminder that summer is almost here…







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