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California - Delta San Joaquin

This magnificent and scenic wetland is the very heart of California’s water supply and even resembles an intricate heart-shaped spiderweb from a bird’s eye view. Two of California’s mightiest rivers - Sacramento and San Joaquin River meet here to continue their journey together as part of the Pacific Ocean. California Delta is not only the largest estuary on the West Coast and pillar stone of California’s water system. It’s unique ecosystem supports a rich and highly diverse habitat for countless species of wildlife and fish, making it extremely interesting in terms of various fishing spots to satisfy any angler’s ambition. The area’s numerous flooded channels, dams, harbors and bays serve as a vital migration path for Chinook Salmon travelling to and from the Pacific Ocean. The California Delta is also home to countless fish species including Steelhead, Striped Bass, White Crappie, Redear Sunfish and Bluegill. So whether you choose to fish from the shore or take a boat and pursue greater depths - the California Delta is an exciting and unforgettable must-visit location for any angler!







Travel 8.000
1 Day 2.000
Total 10.000